Client List

Kimberly Clarke
Ernst & Young
Rothmans Holdings Ltd.
British American Tobacco
McGraw Hill
Saatchi & Saatchi
Phillips Electronics
Williams F1 Motorsport
Winfield World Rally Team
Panoz Motor Sport
Smiles Poulos & Associates
Holden National Leasing
Canberra Tourism
Neiderer & Company
Bad Dog Entertainment
The Performance Company
Dr. Mayo Spring Water
Australia's National Parks & Wildlife
Australian Water Technologies (NSW Water Board)
Thursday Plantation
Galuku International
RAK Australia Pty Ltd
Safe Care Clean Pty Ltd
SpillFix Solutions Pty Ltd
Kitty's Crumble/Kritter's Crumble
Sitt Asset Management
Marina Maher Communications
Middleberg Communications
The Dowd Agency
Council of Public Relations Firms
Nourie Johnson Communications
Stanton Public Relations & Marketing
PDR Network (Physicians' Desk Reference)
GlobalX Funds
LavaCat Litter
Montgomery McCracken
Fogel Neale Partners
Warren Financial Service
Crestwood Technology Group